The Sworn Blessing |

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                    Luke 1: 76 - 79
John the Baptist came to announce unto us two important things:
1.	To give the people the knowledge salvation 
2.	To prepare the way for Christ

In the scripture we learn two major of sources of greatness:
1.	A person makes a choice to be separated by God through the spirit of servant hood.
2.	God chooses to separate a person regardless of his/her choice.
Amazingly John's greatness was by the decision of God. Right before his birth angels announced that John will be great before God (Luke 1: 15).

Matthew 11: 11
".... among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist..."

Our Lord Jesus Christ openly declares in the scripture above that John was highly honoured by God. John is considered greater than all the prophets you know that ever existed in the Old Testament (e.g. Abraham, Moses, Elijah and Elisha) not necessarily because of the great following nor anointing on his life but by his MISSION OF HIS EXISTENCE. The secret of John's greatness was in his CALLING; to lay hands / baptize his very creator - Jesus. Your greatness is in your mission.

Job 33: 23
You are a messenger because you carry a particular message. 
Q. What message has God given unto us as a church and ministry?
	Our uniqueness and greatness is in preaching the message God has given unto us.
	Before you read that book of that person or watch his/ her DVD remember to understand first of all our corporate message in this calling.
Teach the message that God has given unto us!