Testimony Details

Instant Healing after 17 Years of Suffering

Winnie Mhango, 29, of Mzuzu, has had stomach pains from age 12. The hospital diagnosed with ulcers and administered medication. Instead of getting better, the problem got worse as it started to affect her heart. She went up and down for healing prayer but things did not change. After marriage she visited the hospital as the problem continued where the doctors tried to check if she had cervical cancer and found her negative. However, they told her to go for operation to remove her womb because it had fluids which were giving her pain. In her  prayers at the mountain, she saw in a vision the words Fountain of Victory. She decided to visit the place and learnt that Apostle J. Ziba would be coming to minister. The day the apostle came she was in severe pain and her stomach had swollen as if she was pregnant. After ministration she got her miracle and her stomach instantaneously returned to normal size.

The pictures show Winnie before when she had the problem, immediately after ministration and afterwards.