Testimony Details

Miraculous Walking off the Wheelchair

Charity Mwikho’s aunt was healed whilst not physically in the service during the Victorious Ladies Conference 2018, which took place at COMESA Hall in Blantyre.  Charity came to the conference trusting God for the healing of her aunt who had suffered chronic blood pressure and diabetes, along with various complications since 2014.  The same year her leg got swollen very much. She visited the hospital and she was operated on the leg. Watery fluid came out of the leg. She was admitted in for 14 days but 4 of these she remained unconscious and on oxygen support in intensive care unit. Afterwards she was sent home for palliative care.  Since that time until August 2018, she was unable to walk without support, and she also became blind due to poor diabetes control. Charity’s aunt suffered a lot due to the sickness including social, spiritual, marital and financial loss. Her husband left her and she was being taken care of by her youngest daughter.
During the conference before the man of God, Apostle Joseph Ziba took the podium to minister, some video testimonies were played. These stirred up Charity’s faith. One testimony showed a man walking out of a wheelchair. When Charity saw this she declared, “if this man really walked, then my aunt will also come out of wheel chair right in Chiradzulu.” She immediately fell under the power of God and stayed there for about 15 minutes. While still on the floor, she was able to follow the man of God’s declarations of healing over various diseases. Then she stood as a point of contact for her aunt and was convinced that God had touched her aunt. She rushed out and rang her phone. The aunt replied, ‘’I saw light shining whilst in my room and then discovered that I was able to see properly and to walk. I also noticed that I was able to put my foot down without any pain.’’ Praise God. 
A week after she came to testify at Fountain of Victory walking without a wheelchair. She believes that she is healed of even the blood pressure and diabetes. Glory to God!!