Testimony Details

Healed of Breast Cancer

Mrs. Maurine Umali from Nchalo Chikhwawa about 150km south of Blantyre came for the service 5 hours earlier. She had earlier been diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone two operations where doctors resorted to cut off the affected breast and recommended that she afterwards starts Chemotherapy. However the wound could not close and it was oozing pus failing to heal so the Chemotherapy treatment had to postponed. Desperate and looking for healing, she pondered of going to Zimbabwe for prayer until her mother in-law, who had watched Apostle J. Ziba’s TV program, convinced her to go to his ministry. She came to the conference in severe pain, lying down all day waiting for the service. However as miracles took place, the pain vanished away and she felt her body tissues being pulled to close the wound. She immediately checked her wound and found out it had dried up and no longer oozing. Within a few days the opening completely closed up.