Testimony Details

Healed from Multiple Chronic Conditions

Prisca Banda had epilepsy from June 2016. She was also Asthmatic and had a rare skin problem known medically as Exfoliating Dermatitis. The symptoms were peeling off of skin like how maize chaff falls. She lived on medications but her condition never improved. Her mother felt shame with the skin condition so that she could always cover her skin. 

In February 2017, she brought her daughter for healing ministration by Apostle J. Ziba at Fountain of Victory. When she returned home, she left Prisca on a chair. After a while she was surprised to find all the scales from the skin had fallen off onto the chair just like how a snake molts. 

“I even laughed when I saw this deliverance upon my daughter, because I have walked in different places to make her well but it did not work out,” the mother said with joy on her face. Since that February 2017 to date, she has never had any epileptic seizures or asthma attack.