Testimony Details

Unscathed in the Flames

Deus Jere was working as production supervisor at one of the plastic bottle manufacturing companies. He is the one who sets an injection machine on using gas whilst standing on top of it. His colleague had been hospitalized for 4 months due to burns he sustained whilst the same machine had caught fire whilst he was working on it. Clearly this was a high risk job. One day as Deus was setting the machine on whilst standing on top with a bag of plastics in his hand, there was an explosion in the machine and it caught fire. “I was engulfed in the flames,” explained Deus. The bag he had caught fire. Deus started praying in tongues and jumped off the machine to the floor. He could feel the pain of the fire but kept on speaking in tongues. Surprisingly in a short time all the pain disappeared and he realized that he had not suffered any burns on any part of his body, neither were his clothes burned. He knew that the declarations of a protective cover that Apostle J. Ziba makes every Sunday had saved the day.