Testimony Details

Disappearance of Tumours and Formation of a Knee Cap

In 2007, Madalitso Stima of Bangwe township developed 5 tumors; 1 on his right knee, 2 on the lower right leg and another 2 on the hip (Pelvis). The tumors were as a result of bone decay. They caused him great pain; he could cry uncontrollably like a child. His relatives and neighbor could get deeply touched seeing him writhing with pain and they could also join in crying. He started to use crutches due to failure to bend the leg, to stand for long time and to walk. With persistence of the infirmity, he searched for cure at Mulanje District Hospital but the doctors couldn’t figure out what sickness he had. Rather the doctor referred him to private hospitals where he was just given pain killers. He suffered with this problem for 10 years up to 2017.
Again Madalitso visited Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (Q.E.C.H.) in Blantyre where an X-ray was one of the leg. The results showed that the lower right leg bone “Tibia” was dissolving or wearing off. 3 x-rays showed the same results that the bone had deteriorated to sustain big holes.
In March, 2017, his neighbor saw how Madalitso was suffering and thought of taking him for ministration at Fountain of Victory. Madalitso was carried at the back by his neighbor because he could not walk and was in great pain. Apostle Joseph Ziba prayed for him and all the 5 tumors disappeared right in the service. Further, after the service he walked back home without any physical support. The following Monday, he went to Q.E.C.H for a 4th X-ray and the doctors did not find any problem with the bone, it was whole no longer with any holes. The Man of God’s prayer caused the bones to grow again.
However, the doctors discovered that though the bones were alright the joint between the upper and lower right leg had no knee cap “Patella.” Upon hearing this, Madalitso returned for a second prayer by Apostle J. Ziba. After few days he went again to Q.E.C.H for a 5th X-ray and this time around the results showed that there was a knee cap at the knee joint. God had not only restored the bones but has recreated the knee cap. Praise to the Lord.