Testimony Details

Grace puts Mrs. Mchilikidzo on the Top

On 30 January 2018 I received an invitation letter for interviews at Physical Planning as a Planning Officer. When I got it I thought everyone from our class also had received one only to later learn it was only myself the entire Mzuzu University. After the interviews I was told the results will be released in 8 weeks time but yet this period elapsed with no feedback. Rumors started to circulate that the results had  been affected by the order from the president to freeze new employments in government departments. My faith was shaken. 

On 10 May I went to the Thursday ministry mid-week service where Apostle J Ziba was ministering the word under the topic The Ministry of Truth. He made a statement basing on Romans 4:16 that anything of faith is by grace. He proclaimed that the grace of God would like do the things which the people have tried to attain by their faith but with no results so that when the people get to the top, they will know it is the finger of God. When I heard this, I personalized it and made a decision to meditate upon it and confess it over my life. On 17 May I received an offer of the job to start working in Zomba as a Physical planning officer.

I know its not my qualification that has put me on this position but the grace of God!!!